Anonymous said: I really hope this doesn't come across as nasty or nosy...I'm just curious. What's your sexuality?

Straight, I’m attracted to girls but that doesn’t mean I’ve never been attracted to guys, it’s never sexual things with guys just more of a ‘I envy his lifestyle or looks’ sort of thing. 

We live in a society nowadays where if a girl says ‘omg I would absolutely fuck Rhianna so hard’ it’s judged as normal, but if I turned around and said ‘omg I would fuck Chris brown so hard’ I would be immediately labelled as gay

I don’t want to go through life saying I would never get with a guy it’s just a very very very very very low chance, like nearly impossible, they would have to be unbelievably perfect in every way shape and form and there would be no way that I initiate it because I’m not attracted to guys in that way.

I know a lesbian couple who are about 40 now and all their lives they dated men and then once they met each other they fell madly in love, I got told that if they ever parted they wouldn’t pursue a relationship with another woman because they weren’t the woman they each fell in love with, I don’t see that as being lesbian or bi they just fell in love and why is that so wrong?

There’ll be a few ignorant fucks out there who will mistake this as me coming out as being bi or whatever, but I’m not, this is not me coming out. I am straight, I like girls but why should I be so ignorant to the fact that maybe one day I might like a guy and I don’t want to shut off to that fact. 

Once again I like girls and I am not sexually attracted to males but as James Dean once said "I’m certainly not going through life with one hand tied behind my back."

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